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Changes in continuous medical education are related to both patient health and doctors' practice.

ADN CoE® aims to provide key facilitates to postgraduate medical education with new processes and tend to improve people's health care by fostering and advancing health professionals learning to ensure more efficiency and effectiveness in their diagnosis and interventions. 

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Learning Types by ADN CoE®


Training programs include the full spectrum of interventional and minimal invasive disciplines including indications and guidelines for the procedure, patient selection, basic and complex case literature and process, treatment, pre and post-operative follow-up, and sizing imaging parts.

Hands-on Simulations

A hands-on Simulation session is included in all training. Hands-on sessions give you an opportunity to practice the procedure that you learn on a simulator.

Clinical Immersion

Clinical Immersion parts of the training include that combines immersive observation in the surgical/interventional theatre and thought-provoking exposition activities focused on answering clinically provocative questions.

Pig Model

Several different laparoscopic trainings are available for surgeons who aim to improve their skills in minimally invasive surgery. Laparoscopic surgical training includes live animal training.

Cadaver Model

Laparoscopic surgical training includes cadaver training.

Scientific Medical Advisory Board

The members of the Scientific Medical Advisory Board (SMAB) for the  Third Party Procedural Training are leaders in their respective fields. Their contributions make them a vital resource for procedural training. Our Scientific Medical Advisory Board has a vast knowledge of research translation to clinical application.

Focus Areas