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​Meet ADN CoE®

We create a better process for better results.
As ADN CoE®, we provide convenience to you with our experience of more than 15 years in Continuous medical Education.

We are proud to bring you together with physicians who have the best practice and series in their field. One of the most important things that motivated us when establishing our company was the importance you show to your patients and your commitment to your work. As healthcare professionals, we are fully committed to patients and our work, aware that we are also a part of continuous medical education.

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Physicians Reviews

Thank you for your good operated training. Agenda was great. I could improve my skills and practice.

Oktay Musayev

This is a great initiative for continuous medical education I believe ADN CoE will be a great jobs

Shkelqim Hoxha

Hands-on Trainings is great, We can do a lot of practice. Training center is great for practicing more. Very warm Welcome and everybody is very friendly. Course is very practical and orientating.

Armin Henning

Our Services

Improving Healthcare around the world with the smartest minds and the most sophisticated medical knowledge and expertise, we share a purpose to enhance health care globally.  We do so by our following services


Making sure to organize all the learning process step by step in order to develop the skills and knowledge of our target group so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently.


Optimizing trainings programs and aligning them with our brand’s goals and mission to facilitate the learning opportunities and make the trainings more effective.


Designing trainings according to the existing needs in order to respond to the learners desire in the best way possible to fulfill our main purpose.

Brochures to Download

About ADN CoE

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About CoE

If you wonder what does Center of excellence stands for.



How a CoE works?

You can learn more about the way a center of excellence works




Get to know more about our trainings' accreditation.



Design a Training

Get an idea about how our trainings are  getting designed.



How fellowship process works

Here are all the steps you need to know  about a fellowship.



Our Collaborators

We all work together towards our common goal and purpose, to attend the results we aim for, raise standards of care and improve the health of worldwide's communities.

News and Updates

Journey Through Knowledge: A Recap of Our Inspiring 3-Day IVUS & OCT Training

Some highlights of an immersive 3-day training event that resonated with wisdom, heartfelt gratitude, and unparalleled expertise. Discover the essence of this enriching experience, led by the renowned instructors and the collaborative efforts of Memorial Hizmet Hospital and Seyrantepe Hamidiye Etfal Training & Research Hospital.

ADN Center of Excellence's TAVI Masterclass Success - A Journey of Learning and Collaboration

We are excited to share with you special news that captures the essence of a recent educational triumph; TAVI Masterclass by ADN Center of Excellence.

Globetrotting Excellence, Cardiologists Unite for CTO PCI Mastery

our recent CTO PCI Masterclass brought together cardiologists and healthcare experts from across the globe, uniting to elevate excellence. Our dedicated instructors and the collaboration with Seyrantepe Hamidiye Etfal Training & Research Hospital created a remarkable synergy, setting new standards for knowledge exchange. The success of this session paves the way for an upcoming event later this coming period, promising further growth and exploration in the field of interventional cardioloy. Join us in this inspiring journey towards excellence.

ADN CoE's Latest Newsletter Explore Our Medical Education Opportunities

Discover exciting opportunities for medical professionals at ADN CoE! Join our Fellowship Programs as a Fellow, Mentor, or Observer and expand your medical knowledge and skills. We invite you to collaborate with us, leveraging your expertise to enhance the quality of our programs. Your journey toward excellence in medical education begins here. Explore, learn, and grow with ADN CoE.

Insider Access: Recapping Our Elite Mitral Valve Interventions Training

Get the inside scoop on our comprehensive mitral valve interventions training led by renowned specialists. This newsletter summarizes key learnings from the two-day training that had been held recently.

Broadening Our Expertise with Exciting Additions to Our Training Lineup

Whether you're looking to advance your current expertise or develop skills in a new area of medicine, our upcoming trainings aim to meet your needs.

Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Care: Highlights from ESC Congress 2023

Amsterdam 2023: the future of heart health revealed at the cutting edge ESC Congress.

Exciting Fellowship Opportunities for Doctors in Various Specialties

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting news that will undoubtedly impact the future of medicine and patient care.

Celebrating the Success of Our Global CTO PCI Masterclass Session

The accomplishments of another CTO PCI Masterclass Session are a testament to the power of collaboration and the pursuit of knowledge.

Successful CT Evaluation for TAVI Training in Collaboration with 3mensio

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of a highly successful CT evaluation for TAVI training, which recently took place in collaboration with 3mensio. During this training program, our doctors had the unique opportunity to utilize the advanced 3mensio system and benefit from the expert guidance of our esteemed instructor.

LAA Closure Training: Empowering Cardiologists with Expertise and Excellence

We are thrilled to share the success and impact of our recent LAA Closure training, organized by our esteemed company in collaboration with the renowned Kocaeli University Hospital in Kocaeli city, Turkey.

Illuminating Success; Rotablator Training Sparkles at Cemil Taşçıoğlu City Hospital

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent Rotablator training, which took place at the renowned Cemil Taşçıoğlu City Hospital! This comprehensive training program was a success, thanks to the dedication, expertise, and unwavering support of our esteemed instructors.

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