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Bezmialem Vakif University Faculty of Medicine Hospital


Sultan II. She is the wife of Mahmud and the mother of Sultan Abdülmecid. After Sultan Mahmud's death, his sixteen-year-old son Abdülmecid ascended the throne, and Bezmiâlem  was given the title of "Valide Sultan".

Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan, who was the assistant of Sultan Abdülmecid when necessary in state affairs and the supporter of his decisions when necessary, was a person who was extremely smart, cautious, compassionate and generous, and managed to restrain himself from worldly ambitions and showing off. Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan, who devoted her life to establishing foundations, created important charitable works as long as she lived. In order to ensure the continuity of the charity foundations she established, Valide Sultan donated many sources of income as akarat. He also repaired and restored the ruined charitable works.

Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan passed away on May 2, 1853 in Beşiktaş Palace. Sultan ll. in Cemberlitas in Istanbul. He is buried in the Mahmud Tomb.

The most important of Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan's charitable works is the “Gureba-i Müslimin Hospital”, the first hospital in our country in a modern sense, built in 1845. The hospital, which has provided uninterrupted service to millions of poor and sick people since then, was transformed in 2010 and assumed the mission of a training and research hospital under the name of “Bezmiâlem Vakif University Hospital”.

Today, "Bezmiâlem Vakif University" continues to train the health professionals of the future with the strength it derives from its deep-rooted past and with its qualified academic staff.


A) Hospitals

1- Gureba-i Muslim Hospital

"Bezmiâlem Gureba-i Müslimîn Hospital", which was established in 1845 to serve the poor and orphans, is the first foundation health institution established for Muslims after the hospitals. The term "hospital" was used for the first time with this institution and is considered a pioneer in the transition from classical medicine to modern medicine.

The hospital, which served with a capacity of 200 beds when it was first opened, has made significant progress in both the number of buildings and staff due to the needs in the future. The hospital, which has been serving under the name of "Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Medical Faculty Hospital" since 2010, has turned into a giant health complex with a 600-bed capacity and 7000 examinations per day.

2- Gureba-i Muslimin Hospital in Mecca

This hospital, which was started to be built when Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan was alive, was left unfinished after her death, but Sultan II. It was completed by Abdulhamid.

B) Schools

1-Dârülmaarif (Valide School)

It was put into service in 1850. II. in Cağaloğlu in Istanbul. It is next to the Mahmud Tomb. It was an institution that prepared civil servants for government offices and trained students for Darülfünun. The building in question continues its life as Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School today.

2-Bezmiâlem Valide School

It was built in Beykoz Çubuklu.

3-Bezmiâlem Sıbyan School

It was built in 1844. It is in the Molla Askî Neighborhood in Edirnekapı, Istanbul.

4-Bezmiâlem Sıbyân School (Green School)

It is published by Dârülmaarif Mektebi. It was opened with it in 1850. It is known as the Green School.

C) Mosques

1-Dolmabahce Mosque

It was opened for worship with a Friday ceremony in 1855.

2-Gureba Hospital Mosque

It was put into service in 1845.

D) Bridges

Galata bridge

The opening date of the first Galata Bridge is 1836.

E) Fountains

  1. Valide Fountain in Beşiktaş-Maçka

  2. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Uzunyusuf District of Silivrikapı

  3. Three Fountains in Sultanahmet

  4. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Topkapı

  5. Gureba-yi Muslimin Hospital Fountain

  6. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Beşiktaş Cihannümâ District

  7. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Tarabya

  8. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Alibeyköy

  9. Abdullah Ağa-Bezmiâlem Fountain in Silivrikapı

  10. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Kasımpaşa

  11. Çukur Çeşme, built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed in Topkapı: Repair

  12. Bereketzâde Fountain next to Galata Tower: Repair

F) Dispensers

  1. Bezmiâlem Sabil in Medina: Hz. It is on the road to Hamza Tomb.

  2. Bezmiâlem Sabil in Medina: Outside the Damascus Gate.

  3. Bezmiâlem Fountain in Karbala

Apart from these, there are charitable works that were built by Bezmiâlem Valide Sultan, repaired and restored both in Istanbul and in many parts of the Ottoman Empire. For example, properties with high incomes such as Terkos Lake and its vicinity, thousands of decares of fields and fields, farms and villages, shops, inns and mills, and foundations are included in this sentence.
Valide Sultan also has the Kaaba and Hz. He also provided various services to the Eyüp Sultan Foundation in Istanbul with the tomb of Muhammad.


  • To provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services in the light of contemporary science,

  • To train health professionals who are scientifically equipped and committed to ethical values ,

  • To be a pioneering organization that contributes to the development of health science  ,

  • To act in cooperation  with national and international health organizations that are leading in the field  ,

  • To ensure that people in need  receive health services at the same level and quality in accordance with our historical mission.


  • First of all, it is to be a hospital that is known for its successful activities in all diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services in our country and other developed countries and is preferred in the forefront with its high awareness.

  • To be a pioneering hospital with its activities and to set an example in health.

Bezmialem Vakif University Faculty of Medicine Hospital

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