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Cardiovascular Imaging: Advanced Techniques in QFR, IFR, and FFR

Start Date

February 12, 2024

End Date

February 13, 2024

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We are excited to announce a cutting-edge medical event, Cardiovascular Imaging: Advanced Techniques in QFR, IFR, and FFR, set to take place in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey. This two-day symposium, meticulously curated for cardiologists seeking to enhance their expertise, will delve into the forefront of cardiovascular imaging techniques. Renowned as a hub of medical innovation, Istanbul provides the perfect backdrop for this event.

On the first day, attendees will immerse themselves in a comprehensive array of theoretical lectures and engaging discussions led by some of the field's most seasoned experts. These lectures will illuminate the intricacies of Quantitative Flow Ratio (QFR), Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio (IFR), and Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), equipping participants with an in-depth understanding of their applications, benefits, and nuances. This interactive environment will foster a dynamic exchange of insights, enabling attendees to glean from the collective wisdom of their peers and mentors.

As the event progresses to its second day, participants will transition to the catheterization lab of the hospital, where they will have the privilege of witnessing these advanced techniques in action. Accompanied by highly experienced practitioners, attendees will observe live cases showcasing the real-world application of QFR, IFR, and FFR.

This invaluable hands-on experience will provide a unique opportunity to witness the seamless integration of theory into practice, bridging the gap between classroom learning and clinical execution.

Cardiovascular Imaging: Advanced Techniques in QFR, IFR, and FFR promises to be a transformative experience for cardiologists at all stages of their careers. Beyond the scientific enrichment, attendees will have the chance to connect with fellow professionals from around the world, fostering collaborations and friendships that will extend far beyond the event. Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing in the heart of Istanbul, as we collectively advance cardiovascular care through cutting-edge imaging techniques. More details about the training will be announced soon.






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